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You are unique and so are your house cleaning needs. Through experience you know that having a consistently clean home takes a load off of your shoulders. Get back the time you want by choosing the cleaning you need. NC One Stop is not like other maid services, we offer you only what you need. You choose what rooms and services you want in your home and we will customize your experience.

First Time Deluxe House Cleaning

Restores your home to an easier, maintenance level of clean.

Tackles long-term, hard-to-reach, icky dust, dirt, smudges, smears, grime, and gunk.

Requires heavy-duty cleaning tools, stools, supplies, and capable knees.

First Time General House Cleaning

Prepares a home that is already close to maintenance level.

Tackles the worst of your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, and a general dusting everywhere else.

If we can reach it in-place, we clean it.

On-going Maintenance House Cleaning

On-going Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly service.

Prevents the expense of heavier cleanings by keeping your home consistently clean.

Sparkling results with dusting, wiping, polishing, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and as-needed scrubbing every time!